Saturday, 14 May 2011

Be You, Be Yourself, and Keep It Real

It is very common to see people using photos of others, especially celebrities for their profiles on social networking sites. Whiles this act is usually perceived to be cool, it also brings up a good question; why are you promoting and uplifting others instead of yourself? It is perfectly alright to like someone and want to be like them. However, the situation gets out of hand when you get so obsessed with them such that you don’t care and appreciate who you are anymore.

Poor self-image
Ladies and gentlemen, permit me to say this: I consider you have a very poor self-image if you always use celebrity photos as your profile picture on social networking sites. You may like a celebrity but you can never be like them, you'll always be you and that is the fact. Another fact is that, most celebrities wish they could have a normal life like you. You’re a very unique and special person. The very reason you are not realizing this truth is because you’re not paying enough attention to your own self. It’s high time you stop promoting others and promote yourself. If somebody will love you it will have to start from you loving yourself. You have to feel good about yourself. You are the only one who can effectively be you – so be you!
It affects relationships
In fact, we are to "love others as ourselves". Love and hate are equal and opposite. If you don't love yourself then you hate yourself. And if you hate yourself then how can you love somebody as yourself? So you see this habit will even affect how you do relationships. You'll always be expecting your boyfriend to act like Will Smith, sing like Kirk Franklin, write like Max Lucado or even be funny as Eddie Murphy.
This doesn't help any relationship as the poor boy can't be all that you want him to be. He can only be who he is. This is a fact and the earlier you accept it the better. You'll never see anything good in a person if you always expect them to be like another person. You'll always get disappointed when they are around and by so doing you will miss every good quality that they have to offer. Before you know they will be gone for good.

Decide today...
From today, decide to be YOU. Make 'YOU' real. You are YOU and that is what you are. Accept it and start promoting yourself and not celebrities out there. You are the only one who can perfectly be YOU. And remember, YOU is a unique and very special person, so be YOU!

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