Monday, 5 March 2012

Effects of Secular Music on People and Society

I remember meeting a girl from Chicago, in an online chat room who told me, “Over here we dress and do things like hip hop.” People tend to practice what they hear more than what they see. There are many people out there who will argue and say, “Oh yeah, I listen to secular music, but it has no effect whatsoever on my life. I just listen to it and that’s it.” You can’t just listen to something without it having an impact on your life.

Oftentimes we start acting out what we hear before we know it. How did we become educated? How did we learn how to talk and speak the various languages that we speak? It all came about as we sat in classrooms and listened to teachers who imparted knowledge into us. How did that happened? It happened as we listen to what our teachers said and acted out what they consciously and unconsciously instructed us to do. The Bible says faith (to believe), comes from hearing. As you hear you believe, and as you believe you do according to what you believe. That is what it is. A lot of young people engage in casual sex, crime and other social vices because that is what they hear in the songs they listen to. A large number of hip hop songs cover sex, money, crime, whoredom, and hardcore (stubbornness and rebellion). Innocent listeners, with time, begin practicing these things and become threats to their own societies.

Do you believe the News?

Many people worldwide use the News provided by the Media agencies as their main source of information. Do you believe the News you hear? I am sure you do. The same media that provide the news also provide the hip hop and R&B songs that we listen to. It is therefore not justifiable for any of us to say that we believe news has effect on our life but don’t believe that hip hop and R&B and other secular music do. What we listen to influences what we believe. What we believe influences what we do. Thus, our actions are a product of what we listen to and what we believe. Remember “faith comes by hearing” – Romans 10:17.

The moral degeneration among our youth today can largely be blamed on the kind of content presented to young people by the entertainment industry. It is so surprising how deviance had become so mainstream nowadays. Contents adjudged inappropriate for young people just few years ago, have now been fully embraced and broadcasted to the public with little or no censorship at all.

As you turn on your television, you are greeted with music from the likes of Lady gaga, Rihanna, Beyoncé and their like, flashing their almost naked bodies in front of you. And when you go out, you see the real effect of the profanity presented in the music of these hip pop stars. Fans of these stars, mostly young people are seen trying to dress and act out what they watch in their favorite artists’ music videos.

All these have contributed to the increase in social vices such as rapes, drug use, prostitution, insolence and rebellion as witnessed in the world today. News of gunmen shooting and killing people are becoming very rampant these days. Have you ever wondered how or where those gunmen get their inspiration to commit the atrocities they do?

I once heard the testimony of a gangster who admitted that naturally it is difficult and almost impossible for one human being to point a gun to another and shoot the live out of them. He said as they do drugs, sit in the car, and put the music on, they receive some power that make them to shoot without realizing they’re shooting human beings.

Although many deny the adverse impact of secular music on their lives, the effects of secular music on individuals are not hidden but are all around us; even within us. A little introspection will reveal to us the actions, decisions, choices that we have opted as a result of the songs we listen to.

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