Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What All Gay People Must Know: The Abnormality of Homosexuality

The problem with homosexuality is that it is unnatural. Assume that you have a daughter who's six (6) years old. Now one day upon returning from work you see this young girl in bed having sex with a man of about 20 years. What will be your immediate reaction? Then to make things worse, imagine you asked your daughter about the incidence and she tells you she's attracted to older men. Would you accept such attraction as normal? Please, let's be realistic. The natural order is for someone of one sex to desire another of the opposite sex. Anything short of that is perverted and unnatural.

Many gays also argue that gay sex is just another sin but that's a weak argument. Every wrongdoing is sin but there are sins that lead unto death and those that do not. Homosexuality is not just a sin but also an abomination. It is detestable and abnormal.

In law, there's a clear distinction between what a crime is and what a tort is even though they are both wrongs committed by people. Crimes are considered heavier than torts because they are wrongs against the whole of humanity and not just one person. For example, murder is considered a crime because it is believed that the murderer is a threat to the entire society and not just the victim. Torts on the other hand, are wrongs against individual persons which does not pose a threat to the entire community. It is the same with homosexuality. Homosexuality is a sin like any other wrong but it is an abominable sin. It is unnatural and
should never be encouraged.

Is being gay a choice or not? I believe it is both a choice and also demonic. Being gay is a demonic perversion of the natural order. Now that is the starting point. The individual has to make the choice weather to satisfy his attraction to another of his/her own kind. A preacher once discovered that he's dispositionally gay but because of his love for Christ, he never satisfied his desires by having sex with a man. As a straight and unmarried guy, I have a high inclination every now and then to go find a girl and have sex with her. But that’s fornication and I know better. Sex was designed for marriage and that is how it has to be. Just because I desire to be with a girl does not mean I should go in for one while unmarried.

So the existence of a proclivity is not justification to satisfy it. If this is the case then the world must brace itself for more surprises because the arguments that would be used to attempt to normalize homosexuality would soon be applied to normalize other abnormalities such as sadism, masochism, pedophilia and misogyny just to mention a few.

Please don’t get me wrong; I don't hate gays, I detest the act of homosexuality just as I don't hate criminals but detest the act of crime. As a Christian, I am, per my beliefs, to love everybody. Now, there's BIG difference between accepting people and accepting their abnormal lifestyles. The church is a place for sinners who consider their ways as sinful and therefore seeking redemption, not sinners who are seeking their sins to be accepted as normal behaviour. Any church that accepts homosexuality as being normal is not worthy of being called a Christian Church because being gay and being a Christian are so divergent that they can never meet. God bless you!
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