Monday, 29 July 2013

Vision of Demonic Army Raiding The Earth

In the wee hours of today (29/07/2013), while on a nap break at work I saw in a dream, I was walking with someone on the road. I can't remember who it really was, but suddenly we saw a military truck which was  completely off the road and approaching our direction. We were walking on the left side of the road and had to run rightwards to escape the truck, otherwise it would have hit and killed us instantly.

As we continued walking, another military vehicle approached from behind and we had to run to the left to dodge it. As we climb a little hill of the road we came to a junction on the left and saw other military vehicles on top speed coming from the road on the left. Then I saw that the vehicles were fully packed with soldiers and it seemed that a war had broke out.

So I perceived indeed a war had broken out and therefore we rushed to the nearest bush on the left to hide. Just as we entered the bush to hide, I noticed footsteps everywhere. What followed was a great shock. I saw dirty, human-like creatures everywhere. They were all naked and very filthy with wild eyes which moved to and fro as if in each for a prey.

We developed a strategy to hold our breath and act dead as a way of not drawing the attention of the dirty creatures. So we held our breath and acted dead. Then one of the creatures which I perceived to be female approached us. It looked at us carefully, intending to figure out if we were really dead. I could not hold my breath any longer so I breathed silently but the creature seemed to have noticed my breath so it held my toe to bite it. I played cool initially but I suddenly happened to have remembered the scripture that says, "Resist the devil, and he will flee from you" (James 4:7). So in adherence to that scripture, I resisted and spat out the contamination that seemed to have entered into me from the dirty creature.

While I had this encounter with one of the dirty demon-like creatures, the rest (many of them, probably in thousands) passed on and were everywhere, and seemed to be attacking other humans beings.

I woke up suddenly after resisting the one that was attacking me.

I understand this vision to mean that demons are infiltrating the earth in a grand military style, and this calls for prayer and fasting for ourselves, our families, our friends, the Church of God and the world as a whole. If you are reading this then please fast and pray for yourself, your family, friends, your church, the Church of God, and the any individual or organization that you feel led to pray for. We are victors and conquerors in the mighty name of Jesus, so let's take victory in Jesus' name over any demonic attack.

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