Saturday, 14 May 2011

Amazing Proof of God's Existence

"Because God won't answer their prayers, many people believe that there is no God. That's like saying Don Gossett does not exist because he did not answer his telephone." –Don Gossett (Taken from: What You Say Is What You Get, 1976, 20).

The issue of God's existence is a much debated one. The debate actually rests on Creationism, that's the biblical explanation for all things that exist in the world today verses Evolution, a theory which was developed by Charles Darwin, in the which he argued that human beings, animals and objects came into existence through scientific processes over a long period of time.

I find Creationism far credible than evolution. After all, Creationism is a STORY and Evolution is a THEORY. Theories are tentative explanations of relationship and they’re always subject to revision. A story is far more reliable than a theory. For instance, imagine two people came to your house. The first person gives you a vivid story of your ancestry with illustrations. The second person however, gives you speculations (combination of what he has seen and heard, and his guesses and assumptions). Which of these two will you believe?

Obviously you know by now that, theories are based on hypothesis (assumptions). That is why we have scientists disagreeing with each other on virtually every subject of research. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), founder of the Psychoanalytic theory and Psychoanalysis, a profound school of thought in Psychology, disagreed with his own students on some of his scientific findings. In the end, he had to sack those students who disagreed with him so as to defend his findings.

The Creation story provides much evidence to prove the existence of God. The Bible helps to explain the architecture of the universe. Creationism explains step-by-step how everything we see in the world today, came into existence. The Creation story is contained in Genesis, which is the first book of the Bible. All persons wanting to do a critical analysis of Creationism and Evolution should read the full creation story so as to be able to make a more objective assessment.
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