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The Purity Code: A Sexual Code of Conduct

The call of God to be Christians also comes with it a special call to holiness and purity. The Apostle Peter wrote, “…ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light; which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy.” – 1 Peter 2:9-10 KJV. In this post, we will look at how to stay sexually pure until marriage using the Purity Code.

The Purity Code is a sexual code of conduct created by Jim Burns, PhD. Jim Burns is well known for his in-depth knowledge on sexual issues, especially sexuality among young people or the youth. He speaks on the subject of sex with such accuracy and love that makes all young people that come into contact with him to ungrudgingly trust him with their questions and doubts about their sex life.

The Purity Code is a worthy call to all young people to remain sexually pure until marriage. This, of course, at a first glance, seems ridiculous in our world as we have it today. When it comes to sex, the world erroneously assumes that everybody is doing it. How sad. The fact, however, is that, not everybody is doing it. There are many young people out there who have committed themselves to the Purity Code and are living healthy life.

Sadly, a great chunk of young people are also living what they usually refer to as ‘fun’ life; a sexually promiscuous life. In a world where scientists approve casual sex, it is common to see young people engaging in various forms of sexual acts. They talk enthusiastically about their sex life without thinking about the effects that would have to be dealt with later in life. There are many stories of people who lived supposedly ‘fun’ lives in high school and college but now filled with deep remorse because of the baggage of troubles that they have carried into their marriages. Unless, of course, you have turned a deaf ear to those stories, I want to believe you have heard at least one of such stories.
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The latest of such stories which I heard recently was a man, who lamented of how he contracted Chlamydia (a silent and virtually symptomless sexually transmitted disease (STD)) through his sexually promiscuous behavior when he was in college. He eventually infected his innocent wife with the STD which had resulted in their giving birth to a blind and very weak child. The man sounded very sorrowful as he sent out a warning to all young people to watch their sexual behavior.

I have seen many people who have regretted not committing themselves to sexual purity early in their lives. But I am yet to meet, if any, someone who would tell me ever regretting to stay pure until marriage. The Purity Code in effect, is honorable and very worthy. You will never regret committing to the Purity Code.
And what’s more, you are not alone. A lot of young people worldwide had committed to the Purity Code and your commitment to it is just a pathway to joining thousands of young people who are standing up for what is right by committing their lives to a worthy sexual code of conduct, the Purity Code.
So what is the Purity Code? The Purity Code is very simple and straightforward. It is very clear and precise. Find the Purity Code below, exactly as presented by Jim Burns, PhD, in his book, Accept Nothing Less (Burns 2008, p.45)

“In honor of God, my family, and my future spouse, I commit my life to sexual purity” – The Purity Code.

The Purity Code involves:
  • Honoring God with your body
  • Renewing your mind for the good
  • Turning your eyes off worthless things
  • Guarding your heart above all else

Please, decide today to commit to the Purity Code. Join millions of teens and young people standing up for what is right. A decision to remain sexually pure until marriage is one you will never regret. I can assure you that. May God richly bless you and strengthen you as you take this decision to become all that He wants you to be.

Thanks for reading. In this post, we learned how to stay sexually pure until marriage using a simple sexual code of conduct called the Purity Code. In the next post, we will go into detail to explain the four main points or constituents of the Purity Code as discussed in this post. We will also talk about how you can still commit to the Purity Code if you have already 'blown it'.
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It is recommend that you read the book, Accept nothing Less, by Jim Burns, for detailed information on how you can live a sexually pure life; a life pleasing unto God which will also give you great gratification in this life. May God richly bless you!
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