Monday, 27 June 2011

The Fight for Human Rights and Equal Rights

When it comes to Human rights or rights in general, everybody wants to enjoy theirs to the fullest with no restriction or denial whatsoever. From men to women, children to adults, as well employers and employees; everyone is seeking and fighting for the enjoyment of their rights without any infringement of any kind. However, it is sad and worthy of note that, there is an unfortunate class of people who are denied the very basic form of human right – the right to life. I am talking about the many unborn babies who are denied the chance to come into this world and live a life just like everybody else.

If you must know, abortion is a very high world killer claiming more lives than any terrorist attack or natural disasters. Abortion claims about 42 million lives annually. In 2008 alone, America recorded about 1.21 million deaths through abortion and out of the 42 million abortions which occur annually, about 100,000 abortions occurs in Canada. These abortion statistics goes on and on. It is very pathetic.

It is ironic how governments and nations spend a lot of time and resources fighting terrorism but do let loose a killer like abortion by legalizing it in their countries. It is also pathetic how human right advocates and activists would spend lots of time and resources standing up for only some rights, including right of animals – but no one is there to stand up against abortion. This is sheer injustice, if you ask me. I am not saying governments should not fight terrorism, and neither am I saying human right advocates or activists should stop advocating for the enjoyment of human rights and equal rights. All that I am saying is that, somebody needs to stand up and speak for the millions of lives that are lost through abortion. I hope I am not asking too much!

Abortion is sheer cruelty at its highest level. It doesn’t matter from which perspective you choose to look at it, the taking of the unborn child's life is inhuman. Abortion denies the unborn child his human right to life. How can people like George Ortega suffer a jail term for killing an animal or be charged with animal cruelty, and under the same jurisdiction, people who commit a cruel act such as abortion, go scot free?

Friday, June 26, 2011, was a big day for the LGBT community in New York when the State endorsed a bill into a law to now allow same-sex marriages in the state of New York. Kat Giantis wrote on’s WonderWall: “New Yorkers erupted in cheers Friday night when the State Senate passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage and Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed it into law. But they weren't the only ones celebrating.” Here’s what one young girl posted on facebook:
So NY finally allows gay marriage to happen and I think that’s great everyone should have equal rights no matter what!!! And now I can get married to a girl if I wanted to and not even leave state.”

As I look into the LGBT story, I see one thing evident. The New York State could no longer contain the pressure coming from the equal rights activists from the gay community, and in the end had to give in and legalize same-sex marriage although it is quite obvious that it is not in the best interest of the State to do that considering the many effects of homosexuality to both individuals and the society at large.

It is my greatest prayer and honest desire that people all over the world would see abortion just as it is – a deadly killer and absolute cruelty. How I wish many people and human rights advocates or activists will come to the reality of abortion and fight against it. We can all make a big difference in our own small ways. Dear friend, stand for what is right; stand against abortion and stand for the right of the unborn child. I ask God’s rich blessings on all individuals and organizations that are standing up against abortion. It is evident that the unborn children cannot speak for themselves, so we need to do the talking for them. Take a look at what the child in the photo below is saying:

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