Saturday, 4 February 2012

Meet ‘Serious’, A Christian Rap Artist From Brooklyn, N.Y.

Well the normal trend I do see in rap music is to see ladies sing, and guys rap. So whenever you see a guy sing, and a lady rapping in a rap song, then of course you can tell that song is serious. Did you just say “Serious?” Well good. ‘Serious’ is the name of the Christian rap artist I am about to introduce to you.

She is not called Serious for naught, she is really serious and her lyrics and confidence show for it. Just take a look at her below, and read on for more about her.
After 10 years of battling with the idea of rapping for Christ, Serious’ music ministry finally got birthed in Johannesburg, South Africa. “She was at an evening evangelical meeting, sitting in the stadium chairs, waiting for others to minister in song when a reverend called her out and said ‘you're going to get on stage and sing and rap for Christ.’” said about her in a review. She responded positively and ministered that night to the glory of God.
Since that night, God has been using her to minister and reach out to this generation through the preaching of the Word through rap.

Her real name is Brigitte James, but popularly known as “Serious” or “Serious Voice of New York.” She has many songs to her credit. Her songs include “Dat Doctor,” the “Yes” song, which she performed in Africa, “Light it up,” a collaboration with gospel reggae artist Marshall One, and my favourite of them all, the “Live” song, an evangelistic song, just to mention a few. Watch Serious do it all for Christ in the official video of the “Live” song below.

Find out more about Serious by following her on Twitter at @serious_voiceny.
For booking or interview opportunities contact Serious PPL Music/Holy-wood Records at
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