Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Closer Look at Christian Hip-hop and Christian Rap Music

We recently posted an article on what the Bible says about hip pop and secular music. As I read through that post, it impressed on me the need to take a look at Christian hip pop (a.k.a Christian pop or holy pop), and Christian rap music. So let’s get into it; let’s take a closer look at Christian hip pop and Christian rap music.

Personally I find Christian rap and Christian hip pop to be cool. While secular hip pop fills your mind with sex, women, drugs, crime etc., Christian rappers preach the Word of God through their music. Fans of secular artists raising their hands in excitement as they watch their artists perform is a form of worship to satan (the lord of most secular artists).  On the other hand, fans of Christian artists/rappers raise their hands in support of the Christian message that the Christian artist/rapper is presenting. This gives glory to God because His name is being honoured. 

The issue with secular music or secular hip pop is not the rhythm of the songs but rather the words/lyrics of the songs and the obscenities found therein. Rhythm is like language. There are thousands of languages in the world. As far as I know, it is accepted for each clan or tribe to praise God in their language. You may look at it this way; God created sex but does that mean he supports pornography?

There are many Christian artists who have adopted the rhythm of hip hop and R&B to sing songs of praise and worship to God. Very often, these Christian artists are people who once were in the world and passionate lovers of hip hop, R&B and secular music. After coming to Christ, they inculcated the rhythm of hip hop and other music genres to do Christian music. Their songs are so inspiring to listen to. While hip hop talks about sex, crime, promiscuity and money, Christian hip hop and Christian rap music deals with man’s struggle with sin, the salvation of Jesus and everlasting life for believers. It is same beats, same rhythm but different lyrics and different purpose. Whereas the secular rapper talks about sex, money, drugs and women, the Christian rapper bargains for your soul; he tells you about the love of God and how Jesus Christ can save you and give you an invigorating life both now and forever.

What’s The Way Forward?
Our greatest desire as Christians should be to please God in every area of our lives – including what we listen to. I was also an avid lover of hip hop, R&B and secular music. My biggest stars were Akon, Chingy, and Sean Paul. After becoming born again and coming to Christ, I realize something must change. I needed to set my priorities right. Who do I please, God or the world? Remember “No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” –Luke 16:13 KJV. Mammon refers to anything that competes with the place of God in our lives. Dear Christian friend, we cannot serve God and hip-pop, we need to choose one and as Christians our choice is obvious – God.

Many Christians are very aware that secular music is not right in the site of God, but their sheer love for the songs is making it difficult for them to break off completely. I can feel their pain because I was once in the same boat. But I thank God for delivering me. The Lord is about to deliver somebody.
The way forward is to set your priorities right. Put God first in your life. If God becomes number one in your life, all other things will fall in place. Also instead of worldly Hip-hop, R&B and secular music resort to Christian music. Kirk Franklin, J Moss and Tye Tribbett are some cool Christian music artists you can begin with. Also check out Mary Mary, they are a nice Christian gospel duo and they’ve got some nice Christian songs you surely will love. For Christian rap music, check the brethren at Reach Records. Clicking each of the following links takes you to a list of songs by the following artists: Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashi, Andy Mineo (C-Lite), Jai and Sho Baraka. Thank you for reading. Leave your comments below.

With all these been said, let me emphasize that not all good music is godly music. We therefore need to be apt about what songs we listen to. “You can't listen to lustful music all day and wonder why your mind is full of lustful thoughts. Help yourself and change that.” – Joshua Farley.

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